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Spazzing Out

When bad art meets wierd thoughts, it comes out like this.

Hello, and welcome to a wonderful tilt-a-whirl of the weird, a rollercoaster of the strange. I'm your host, Spaz. That is not my real name. Real names are something that's just kind of slapped on at birth and serve only to identify someone. Not that I hate my name or anything, I just don't give it out.
So, you are here. This is a place on the internet. I like stating the obvious. Whales are mammals, Wales is a constituent nation of the United Kingdom. One day, Thing will happen. People may witness Thing happening. It shall happen at Location. I don't put up with the ideas of predetermined fate. Forget rationality, screw physics, fuck sanity.
Feel free to come in and take a seat. Would you like a cigar? No? Well, make yourself at home. We like to call this place HappyHell. Don't ask why. It should be obvious. If it isn't, something's wrong. Perhaps the furnace failed, or the antidepressants haven't taken effect yet. You get it? Okay. Good. That means you're not normal, you're one of a chosen breed.
You're one of the few who think.